The Jewell of Cormyr…

Suzail is the capital of Cormyr and the seat of power. It was named after Suzara Obarskyr, the mother of the first king. It was originally the farm of Ondeth Obarskyr, the father of the first king. Suzail is a large port city on the shores of lake Dragonmere. A person or item originating from Suzail is known as Suzailan.

The landward side of Suzail is protected by an 80 ft. (24 Meter) wall. The city is further protected by the Citadel of the Purple Dragons as well as three gates which are essentially castles themselves.

Two thousand Purple Dragons are garrisoned in the city and over one hundred War Wizards reside within the walls. After the Spellplague, most of the Imperial Navy was relocated to Suzail’s harbor.

Suzail is one of two Cormyrean ports and offers a huge variety of trade goods throughout the city. Suzail primarily exports copper bars and grain and importes luxury goods such as spices, silk and citrus fruit. Trade is dominated by merchant families and trading companies such as the Seven Suns Trading Coster, Trueshield Trading Priakos and the Glanend and Skatterhawk families.

The city has a large number of trade guilds who take pride in their craftsmanship. The city is known for producing musical instruments, cloth, garments, swords, and armor. As of 1479 DR, the shipbuilding business, which had moved to Marsember, are beginning to make a comeback.

Animal pelts from the Thunder Peaks and the Storm Horns did very good business in Suzail as of 1368 DR.


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