Critical Miss

Fire on the Horizon

Why did I sign up for this?

Mom! Pop! I am writing home and hope all is well. Mediocrates says a catastrophe has occurred in Suzail. I’d be lying if I said I did not fear for the worst. I am not suited for this lifestyle. With the events I was told of, I know my time at Sea is bound to only get worse. I have been told that other ships have been dispatched to commence a wide search of the surrounding areas as well as ground forces patrolling the countryside for the murderous scum that would so unprovoked attack the heart of our great country. If what I was told by Mediocrates is true, I hope we aren’t the ones to find them.. Why would they kill the prince, it just makes no sense to me. Admittedly, I am not as intelligent as the War Wizards. I’m sure they have it all figured out and will inform us of their motives soon. I’ll write then and let you know; I know how you worry. I wish only to return home and begin my cobblery with father.

It isn’t all worry and doubt though. I have seen some amazing feats of strength from the captain in my tour around the sea. He is so radiant in his demeanor; it really is a boon to us all just to be in his presence. He reassures us we will be home soon to see our women and families. These tours are just peacekeeping and act as a reminder for the unscrupulous tenants of the sea.

I need need to cut this letter short, word was just spread that there is a ship in danger on the horizon. Smoke can be seen, which likely means there are people that need our help aboard or possibly some stranded in the sea..

A Twist of Fate
scoundrels, all of them!

The end of adventuring..

Ha! I knew they were up to no good. I told of this day to everyone around me, but who would listen? Now their fate is sealed, along with any that share their “gifts.” More like a curse if you ask me! A curse to wander and roam and lust for more. The next big score, the next big mystery to solve.. mostly by way of force. These adventurers, good riddance! All Cormyr needs is the belief that the sword is stronger than the gimmicks and tricks of these would be hacks and their mysticism. I knew what master asked was wrong, but I couldn’t help but feel a bit warm inside knowing he was sending them to their death. What cruel irony I serve one who promotes such falsehood. His time will come like the rest of them. The new king regent, Irvel, will most certainly see an end to the charlatans that surely hope to usurp him. Not a moment too soon.

Word is they are in cahoots with that filth smuggler, Saszesk.. as they run from Cormyrian justice. Ha! As if they have any inkling of a chance at outrunning our fleet of skyships and naval interceptors.

The Long Road Home..

A tournament of kings

All hail the new king of Cormyr, Ezrend Obarskyr! That was supposed to be the headline heralded through the streets, but it isn’t. The city is in a panic. Under the noses of all a Fettered Dracolich was let into the city. The guards and warmages have declined to comment as they entertain the criticism rightfully shoved into their face. How is this possible? Irvel Obarskyr, brother to the king, has issued the official response. In his address, he touched on some important notes…

“My friends, my countrymen, today is a sad day. I am reluctant to share with you the events of today’s tournament. I take responsibility for what has transpired. I called for this tournament and this celebration to honor my younger brother as he was to ascend the throne. This is my doing as it was at my insistence that these mighty warriors came in into our city to fight for honor, glory, or purse. With eyes clouded by the joy I have to see this city continue to prosper and the prospect of future gains from Ezrend’s youthful and fresh take on the world, I missed what was right in front of me. Once again, the infamous smuggler Saszesk has wrought despair inside these walls; this time with powerful allies. I urge anyone with information regarding this individual to come forward. Your information with be handsomely rewarded. We can not afford to stand by idle waiting for the next of these occurrences.

These warriors, thought to be respectful and virtuous, have deceived us all. They have taken our prince from us and now run from our retribution. Rest assured, they can and will run, but not from Cormyr, not from me.. not forever. I will bring Ezrend back to us, even if it is only his cold body. Let me be absolutely clear as this affects each and every citizen and partner of Cormyr. We are now at war with these villains and any that offer them aid."


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